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Character Xenobia
Hometown Unknown; likely in the Frontier
Games Lunar: The Silver Star
Lunar: Silver Star Story
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
Lunar Legend
Lunar: Silver Star Harmony
Other Media Lunar: Childhood's End
Age Unknown
Race Vile Tribe
NA Voice Actor Kathryn Kirk
Tara Platt (SSSP)
JP Voice Actor Aya Hara
原 亜弥

Xenobia (ゼノビア zenobia?) is the leader, and the most powerful witch of the Vile Tribe, who was banished to the Frontier by Althena. In the remake, she had two subordinates, Phacia and Royce. She is the second greatest enemy in Lunar: The Silver Star and its remakes, barring only Ghaleon himself. In all versions of it, she serves as the penultimate boss of the game.

Plot Summary[]

Xenobia, as Lemia Ausa.

During the time of Dragonmaster Alex, she served the Magic Emperor and helped him overthrow the city of Vane. She hates humans, the one exception being Ghaleon, whom she is actually in love with. Xenobia disguised herself as Lemia Ausa, trapping the real Lemia in the dungeons to strip her of her magical powers. Alex and his friends learned of her deception, after which Xenobia retreated, likely so Ghaleon could maintain his charade. She is met several times later throughout the game trying to hinder Alex's progress, but never actually fights him. She was later killed by Dragonmaster Alex and his friends inside of the Grindery after failing to convince him to give up when disguised as Luna. In the remakes, she is killed in the Althena's Fortress, where before the fight she traps the heroes in illusions, in which they face themselves trying to make them give into their doubts, which they break free from (the trick of disguising as Luna is taken by Royce in the remakes).

Centuries later, she was magically manifested through her niece Alice, holding all of her former life's memories, and sought a plan involving the Magic Emperor and her kidnapping. However, by the story's conclusion, she is barely able to let go of her lifelong hatred after breaking down in front of Alice, now realizing that she may have been wrong. To her shock and relief, a vision of Ghaleon appears in her moment of despair, warmly carrying her off into the light.


In the original version of The Silver Star, Xenobia's fighting methods were fairly simplistic. She has a strong water-based spell, but the main danger from her was that she could launch four physical attacks in one turn. Though she was strong, she was really little more than a warm-up for the fight with Ghaleon.

In the remakes, Xenobia fought differently. Instead she would rely on magic attacks to hit the whole party, but the main danger in fighting her was that she could turn multiple characters to stone, since if that happens to the whole party then it has the same effect as everyone being knocked out.


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