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The White Fiend is an enemy encountered during Lunar: Eternal Blue and its remake. It is found deep within the White Dragon Cave, next to the entrance of the White Dragon Lair, stationed there to keep the party from entering the lair. Thus, forcing the party to do battle with it.

It is the first of four Fiends encountered in your journey to access the Goddess Tower, and is mistaken for the actual White Dragon itself when it is found, until Lucia explains to the party that it is an imposter and that she could sense an evil aura in its presence.

In Eternal Blue, the White Fiend was presented as dragon-like in appearence, while in Eternal Blue Complete, it was presented as dragon-like, but very deformed and grotesque, as seen by the two arms on its belly.

When battling against the White Fiend in Eternal Blue, it'll attack by striking one party member with a bolt of lightning, dropping icicles on a group of enemies, and breathing ice in a line.

While in Eternal Blue Complete, the White Fiend will attack you by flying upwards and breathing ice on all party members, flying upwards and using its breath to attack a group of party members, and freezing a party member in ice and shattering it. However, it may also use a turn to increase its Attack and Defense.

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