White Dragon Wings Eternal Blue

The White Dragon Wings, as seen in Eternal Blue Complete

Basic InfoEdit

The White Dragons Wings is an important tool given to Alex and Hiro on their journeys. It appears to be a staff-like tool whose design was based off of the White Dragon. Its uses are different in each game.

In The Silver StarEdit

In The Silver Star and its remakes, the White Dragon Wings function the same way as Lucia's Pendant does in Eternal Blue, allowing Alex to teleport to any places he has visited before.

The White Dragon Wings are given to you by Laike after Ghaleon is revealed as the Magic Emperor.

Afterwards, in Reza, a man bumps into Nall and steals it from the party, forcing the party to go on the hunt for the necessary items needed to enter the Thieve's Bazaar in Reza, where they meet the thief once again and reclaim the White Dragon Wings.

In Eternal BlueEdit

In Eternal Blue, the White Dragon Wings function like Dragonfly Wings, allowing Hiro to escape from dungeons when he needs to, but at no cost, while Lucia's Pendant functions like the White Dragon Wings have in The Silver Star, except that Hiro must be able to see the Blue Star when he decides to use it.

The White Dragon Wings came in handy during the party's first trip to the Goddess Tower in Pentagulia. As the False Althena and the Four Heroes ambushed the party, surrounding them, the White Dragon Wings began to shine, teleporting the party to safety, in Taben's Peak, where they met Nall standing before them.

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