This is a list of the Lunar games, manga and novels in chronological order, including when they are set (using The Silver Star as the reference point):

Note: There are still other official mangas and novels not listed here. Adaptations and remakes are not included, as they tell alternate versions of the same events. For example, the developers behind Silver Star Story Complete considers both the Sega CD and PlayStation releases to be accurate to the game world, with "Mr. Sega CD" and "Mr. PlayStation" remembering different details. Regardless, the original storyline seems to be more pertinent to the sequel, as key elements such as the sites of Vane and the Grindery reflect the first Sega CD game in all versions of Eternal Blue, as well as the reasoning behind Althena's human form. Similarly, Childhood's End does not take the remakes of Eternal Blue into account, as Ruby continues to travel with Hiro by that point.