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Character Tempest
Hometown Pao
Games Lunar: The Silver Star
Lunar: Silver Star Story
Lunar: Silver Star Harmony
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Race Human
NA Voice Actor Chad Letts
Roger Craig Smith (SSSP)
JP Voice Actor Yasunori Masutani
増谷 康紀

Tempest (テムジン temujin?, "Temjin") is first encountered with his wife Fresca on the Nanza Pass, they defeated the monsters which Xenobia summoned to attack Alex's group. Although they introduce themselves later on, they attempt to murder a man for selling fake medicine. Alex then stops them, and Tempest battles him, but he loses. Fresca then states that he was tired since they've been traveling for many days in attempt to find the singer from their village who was kidnapped. Tempest then gives Alex his Black Dragon Pendant, to show that he had been bested in battle.

Later, when Alex's group ventures to Pao to undergo the Black Dragon's trial, they encounter Tempest. Tempest and Fresca reveal that the villagers are sick because of the Dark Songstress' songs. Shortly, a dark song begins, then Fresca, Mia, and Jessica became inflicted. Tempest rushes to the Black Dragon's cave, and is followed by Alex, Nash, and Kyle. Upon finding the Black Dragon, they find out that the Dark Songstress was actually Luna, being controlled by Ghaleon. Tempest attempts to kill Luna, but Alex convinces him to give him a chance to calm Luna. He then plays his ocarina, then Luna restores to her normal self, but Ghaleon puts her to sleep and orders the Black Dragon to attack the group. Ghaleon then escapes with Luna, and Alex's group return to Pao.


In battle, Tempest uses his bow to attack enemies. Since he's a temporary character, he cannot be equipped with weapons or armors, which limits his usefulness, along with having only two abilities which only one of them deals damage. His attacks are not as strong as Alex or Kyle's, but they are fairly powerful.

  • Flash Arrow - lobs an explosive arrow to deal damage to a group of enemies.
  • Flash Wind - a whirlwind blows away all enemies.


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