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Character Taben
Hometown -
Games Lunar: The Silver Star
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
Lunar: Silver Star Harmony
Other Media -
Age -
Race Vile Tribe
NA Voice Actor None
JP Voice Actor None

Taben (パタネン Patanen?) is the Vile Tribe's chief inventor and the man responsible for the creation of the Ghaleon's mobile castle, the Grindery, as well as Nash's Magic Masher. He is a very arrogant man, as does not care about the safety of others, only his own inventions.

In the original game, Taben is merely an NPC who is never encountered in a battle. However, In Lunar Legend, after defeating the Magic Masher, Taben is fought.

Originally, there is no mention of Taben's supposed affiliation with the Vile Tribe; he is simply Ghaleon's inventor.

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