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The Star Dragon guards the path from Lunar to the Blue Star. When Lucia returns to the Blue Star, Hiro is left alone on Lunar, and promised her that he would find a way there. After traversing across Lunar for a way into the Star Dragon Tower, he finally gains entrance into the tower and climbs to the highest floor, where the Star Dragon awaits him, challenging Hiro to a one-on-one fight against him. Upon his defeat, he grants passage to the next room, where a crystal teleporter leading to the Blue Star is found.

Attack Form Description
Star dragon5 Lunar Light is an attack with energy of the Lunar Planet.
Star dragon2 Fierce Fire will cause a sunburn tan color on the face of Hiro.
Star dragon1 Icy Blow causes falling 'Ice Crystals' on Hiro.
Star dragon3 Electric Energy will create some flash lightning.
Star dragon4 At last Star Dragon has the ability to cast Howling Hurricane wich will whirl around the whole battle scene.

Spoils: Exp 55.000 / Silver 0

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