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Character Rufus Clow
Hometown Healriz
Games Lunar: Dragon Song
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Age Unknown
Race Beastmen
NA Voice Actor N/A
JP Voice Actor N/A

Rufus Clow is a playable character in Lunar: Dragon Song. He is a Beastman and the general of Beast King Zethos' Strike Force and is one of the many soilders sent to the Frontier to confront Ignatius. When he first meets Jian Campbell he sees him as a rivial, but later they become friends. He is later found injured on Sungrid Bridge. He talks to the party and tells them to run but Gideon attacks and kidnaps Lucia before they can do anything. He asks to join and guide the party to Vile Castle later beneath Lind Village but Jian refuses him. Rufus does follow the party and eventually joins when Jian runs into trouble fighting Caucus, Orcus, and Morus. When the party reachs Vile Castle they once again encounter Gideon. Rufus tells the others to go on ahead without him while he stalls Gideon. His fate is unknown but he is presumed dead when Gideon shows up soon after with Rufus' sword in his mouth.


Thunder Sword: Rufus can use his sword to summon bolts of Lightning to attack all foes.


  • If Rufus is dead, he is the only Beastman ever to be killed off in the history of Lunar.
  • In the booklet that game with the game, Rufus's bio mistakenly says that his race is Human.
  • Gabryel Ryan seems to be very close to Rufus, as she seems more broken up about Rufus's disappearance after he fights Gideon than the others, but whether she sees him as a friend or a love interest is not clarified.
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