Lunar Wiki
Character Ruby
Hometown Unknown
Games Lunar: Eternal Blue
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete
Other Media Lunar: Childhood's End
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue manga
Age Unknown
Race Dragon
NA Voice Actor Jennifer Stigile
JP Voice Actor Kumiko Nishihara

Ruby (ルビィ rubi?) is a flying pink cat (though in reality, she is one of the Four Dragons). She insists to everyone that she is a baby Red Dragon (though Hiro doesn't believe her until her transformation). She lives with Hiro and his grandfather and is Hiro's best friend. Ruby has a sharp tongue and a bossy nature which sometimes lands her into trouble. She seems to have a big crush on Hiro, (something that Hiro is apparently oblivious to), so her relationship with Lucia is intially strained. Ruby can be whiny and Ronfar frequently calls her a brat, but a reason for this may be that she hadn't reached maturity as a dragon before her Aura was stolen.

Ruby's Forms[]

As A Cat[]

Her form throughout the game is that of a tiny flying cat. She's stated that this is the form that she is most comfortable in (mostly because she can sit on Hiro's shoulder). In this form, her powers are limited, though she is able to attack enemies for a small amount of damage. When she is awakened as the Red Dragon, Ruby's powers in this form increase.

As the Red Dragon[]

Ruby's true form is that of the Red Dragon, one of the Four Dragons created to protect Althena. Her true powers in this form aren't exactly known, but she has about as much power as the other dragons which is considerable since she is said to be able to damage a being as powerful as Zophar.

As A Character[]

Ruby's abilities[]

Like Lucia, Ruby isn't controlled manually so her actions are random. She usually attacks a single enemy with a scratch, flame breath, or a dash across the battlefield when everyone else has finished their turn. The damage is minimal, but can be a life-saver in certain instances.

  • Red Dragon Anger - Her other ability comes from the Red Dragon crest, where she summons fireballs to attack all enemies.