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Character Quark
Hometown N/A
Games Lunar: The Silver Star
Lunar: Silver Star Story
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
Lunar Legend
Lunar: Silver Star Harmony
Other Media
Age 1000+
Race Dragon
NA Voice Actor Hal Delahousse
David Lodge (SSSP)
JP Voice Actor Kouichi Kitamura
北村 弘一(TSSJ)
Yuusaku Yara
屋良 有作(SSSS)
Yuusaku Yara
屋良 有作(SSSP)

Quark (白竜ファイディ hakuryū faidei?, "White Dragon Fydee") is one of the characters from Lunar: The Silver Star, Lunar: Silver Star Story, Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete and Lunar Legend. At the start of the game, Alex, Ramus and Luna sneak into his cave in the south of Burg, in the hopes that Ramus can acquire one of the Dragon Diamonds and sell it, but they both end up meeting the dragon. Despite the implication that the Diamonds are his feces[1], Quark still gives them the diamond, since Alex had passed the White Dragon's Trial on his path to becoming a Dragonmaster.

Later, Alex and Luna lead Ghaleon to Quark, unaware of Ghaleon's evil intent. Quark is surprised to see Ghaleon, commenting they hadn't seen in a long time and revealing Luna's true self to Ghaleon after he asks Quark. Ghaleon then reveals he blames the Four Dragons and Althena for Dyne's death, and his intent to rule Lunar before killing Quark. With his final breath, Quark tells Alex he must become a Dragonmaster to stop Ghaleon. In the remakes, Ghaleon instead imprisons Quark and uses him as fuel for the Grindery.


  1. "こんなものを なぜ人間は ほしがるのじゃ これはわしのウン・・・"
    "Why is it you humans prize those things? Don't you know they're made from my sh..." - Quark, Lunar: The Silver Star
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