Name Pentagulia
Games Lunar: Eternal Blue
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete
Other Media Lunar 2: Eternal Blue manga
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Dominant Race Human
Continent None (in the middle of the sea)
Size Small City
Noteworthy residents Borgan
False Althena


Pentagulia is called the Holy City and is known the world over as the dwelling place of Althena.  Pilgrims come on a daily basis to ask Althena for prayers.  In practice, the "prayers" are wishes, and the cult that has grown up in Pentagulia revels in selfishness and greed under the auspices of devotion.  The woman who grants these pilgrims audiences is similarly fradulent, being a human of no particular power placed as a stand-in by Zophar while he gathers his strength.

Pentagulia itself is not a fraud; it is indeed Althena's fortress, and the goddess left for Lucia a message in the central tower.  The stolen auras of the four dragons, however, prevent this tower from being visible, and only later do Hiro and his friends gain entrance to it and recover the message.


Hiro and his party travel to Pentagulia in order to complete Lucia's mission. When they arrive, Hiro and Lucia are taken to meet with Althena, while Ronfar, Jean and Lemina are led away on business of their to the Red, Blue, and Black towers, respectively.  

Lucia quickly denounces the woman to whom she is introduced as a fake, whereupon the disbursed party members are captured and inprisoned.  They subsequently escape with the help of Leo (under the guise of Mystere, which seems to fool only him), and set out to find and claim the Dragon Auras.  These in hand, they return and are able to access the hidden Goddess Tower, where they learn that Althena -- Luna -- chose to live a mortal life with someone she loved (refer to the events of Lunar: The Silver Star), and that she grew old and died as mortals are apt to do. 

With Althena's power now entrusted to the mortal race in which she placed her faith, and Pentagulia overrun by the ghoul-like creatures who were once cult followers, the fortress falls instantly upon the arrival of Zophar upon Lunar.

Important placesEdit

White Tower, Blue Tower, Black Tower, Red Tower, Fake Althena's Palace, and the Goddess Tower (hidden underneath the city).  Near the city is the Dragon's Nest, a bonus dungeon which does not appear until the Epilogue.