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Character Nash Rumack
Hometown Vane
Games Lunar: The Silver Star
Lunar: Silver Star Story
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
Lunar Legend
Lunar: Silver Star Harmony
Other Media
Age 17
Race Human
NA Voice Actor Lief Huckman
Sam Riegel (SSSP)
JP Voice Actor Daisuke Sakaguchi
坂口 大助

Nash Rumack (ナッシュ・ルーマック nasshu rūmakku?) is a top student at the Magic Guild. His skills are far above average, to the point where one of the Four Heroes, Ghaleon, has taken notice. He often visits Mia, the future leader of the Guild.


Nash has a very bad superiority complex. When

discovered, he immediately warns the party that the Old Hag's Forest is dangerous, despite the fact that he was found in a very obvious trap, which he arrogantly denied falling for. The fact that he fell for this shows that he isn't very clever.

He is also very protective of Mia, whom he has romantic feelings for, but generally remains too shy to admit them. By the end of the game, he is still unable to reveal his feelings toward Mia.

As time goes on Nash's arrogant behavior decreases, starting to view the rest of the group as equals, rather than inferiors. He even once admits to Alex being stronger than him, when he wasn't around to hear it of course.

Before the party enters the Grindery, Nash temporarily betrays the party and joins with Ghaleon. When the party encounters him later on, he is seen piloting in a mech made by Taben. After his battle with the party, Mia brings him back to his senses, causing him to betray Taben, knocking him off a ledge.

In Battle[]

Nash's main strength is dealing damage with his thunder spells, but he also has a few status-inflicting spells to utilize as well. His spells range from hitting single enemies, groups, or all of them. His main weakness is that he isn't very strong physically, meaning he cannot take as much damage as other characters, and his physical attacks are extremely weak. However, Nash possesses high speed, so he can somewhat compensate by getting multiple attacks in or serving as a healer following a devastating round of boss attacks. His other weakness is that all of his attack spells are thunder-based, so they aren't very effective against thunder-resistant enemies. 

Silver Star Story Complete[]

Thunder Bomb Basic Thunder Attack
Element:Thunder MP Cost:6 Area of Effect:Enemy Zone Level Learned:1
Confusion Confuses Enemies
Element:Skill MP Cost:7 Area of Effect:Enemy Zone Level Learned:6
Magic Box Weakens Enemy Magic
Element:Skill MP Cost:8 Area of Effect:Enemy Zone Level Learned:15
Spark Ball Paralysis
Element:Skill MP Cost:10 Area of Effect:Enemy Zone Level Learned:18
Sleep Lulls Enemies into Slumber
Element:Skill MP Cost:9 Area of Effect:Enemy Zone Level Learned:20
Thunder Thrust Area Thunder Strike
Element:Thunder MP Cost:18 Area of Effect:All Enemies Level Learned:23
Thunderbolt Wicked Lightning Strike
Element:Thunder MP Cost:15 Area of Effect:1 Enemy Level Learned:34


  • Nash, Mia, Jessica, and Kyle are the Four Heroes of their generation, led by Dragonmaster Alex.
  • Nash is level 3 in the Magic Guild Classes


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