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Character Myght
Games Lunar: Silver Star Story
Lunar: Silver Star Harmony
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Race Beastman
NA Voice Actor Dean Willams
Christopher Corey Smith (SSSP)
JP Voice Actor Yuusaku Yara
屋良 有作

Myght (マイト・ファーン maito fān?, "Myght Fawn") stays hidden in his tower constantly (most likely due to his putrid B.O.), constructing invention after invention. He created the flying machine that the Five Heroes used in their assault upon the Grindery in the Frontier.

He is first seen when Laike accompanies Alex to meet him, hoping he could build the airship. Laike mentioned that only Alex should accompany him, since Myght isn't fond of people, and he may be less likely to assist them if a large group came.



  • Myght is antisocial.
  • Laike believes he doesn't mind cats.
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