Character Mauri
Hometown Raculi
Games Lunar: Eternal Blue
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete
Other Media Lunar 2: Eternal Blue manga
Age 16
Race Beastman
NA Voice Actor Emmunah Hauser
JP Voice Actor Kumiko Watanabe
渡辺 久美子

Mauri is Leo's younger sister and Ronfar's love interest. Years ago, her hometown of Raculi was stricken with an incurable disease and she was afflicted as well. Ronfar, wanting to avail her suffering, gave Mauri a potion that was supposed to cure the disease. Mauri was in fact cured, but her personality changed. She became wicked and cruel, bringing about suffering to the people of Raculi. Ronfar and Leo were at a loss of what to do and eventually the turmoil drove them both away. Unbeknownst to them, Mauri had been given the blood of Zophar and she, as well as almost the entire town, had become his slave.

The Red Priestess of AlthenaEdit

In addition to her personality change, Mauri seemed to have acquired new and terrifying powers that took the form of evil flames. She eventually took control of the sanctuary outside of Raculi and began "purifying" the citizens. She became known as the Red Priestess, due to her zealous efforts to "cleanse" the people of Lunar and because of her status as one of Four Heroes, endowed with the power of the Red Dragon. In reality, she was giving the people Zophar's blood and turning them into evil (albeit mindless) zombies, who served the Destroyer.

Althena's Light and Ronfar's LoveEdit

When Hiro and co. found out what had happened Ronfar was stricken with overwhelming guilt, but with the encouragement of his friends, he vowed to make up for his mistakes. The party infiltrates the sanctuary and Lucia uses Althena's power to reverse the effects of Zophar's blood. Unfortunately, Mauri had been under its effects for too long so she was still under his control. Lucia tells Ronfar that if he can reawaken the love within Mauri's heart, she can be saved. However, should he fail, both he and Mauri will be trapped under Zophar's rule. Desperate and with no other options, Ronfar undertakes the task.

Within Mauri's subconscious, Ronfar comes across fragments of memories from Mauri's past and relives haunting episodes of his life. He finds five copies of Mauri, none of which are the real thing. Meanwhile, Hiro and the others must face a five headed beast (represenative of the five evil Mauri's Ronfar finds). When he finally finds the true Mauri, he eases her guilt and the bond between the two is rekindled and stronger than ever. Mauri is saved and Ronfar is purged of the guilt he harbored for so long. Afterwards, Mauri gives the group the Red Dragon Aura so that Ruby can obtain her true form.


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