ルナ2 エターナルブルー(マンガ) (romanized: Lunar 2: Eternal Blue (manga) was published by Asuka Comics DX and written and drawn by Kaori Naruse base on works by Kei Shigema. This manga is a retelling of the events of Eternal Blue, from start to finish with some differences

Complete SeriesEdit

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Year: 1999
Length: 1 Volume (4 Chapters)
Categories: Action Adventure Fantasy Shoujo
Author: Shigema Kei
Artist: Naruse Kaori
Publisher: Kadokawa
Serialized in: N/A
Scanlator: Deja Vu

Prologue - The AwakenedEdit

Chapter One - The Goddess And The BoyEdit

Chapter Two - The GatheredEdit

Chapter Three - The Goddess And The HumanEdit

Chapter Four - Those Who Comprehend The Darkness, Those Who Envision The LightEdit

Chapter Five - Those Who Shall Create The FutureEdit


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