"Lunar" is the generic name given to a video games series that started in 1992. The games involve a world filled with magic, dragons, heroes, love, and betrayal. The first Lunar game was created for the Sega CD in 1992 by Game Arts and dubbed the name Lunar: The Silver Star. The game started a cult following in both Japan and the US. This popularity lead to a sequel entitled Lunar: Eternal Blue. The success of the Lunar series in the United States is mostly due to the incredible localization that Working Designs did on both Lunar: TSS and Lunar: EB.

There have been two more Lunar games since Lunar: EBC came out. Both have been translated by Ubisoft instead of Working Designs, the company that localized the two Lunar games for the Sega CD and their remakes for the Sony PlayStation.

Many fans believe the Lunar series should have ended with Lunar: Eternal Blue Complete, the final Lunar Game that Working Designs released in the US.

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