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Lunar: Silver Star Harmony

Publisher(s) Japan GungHo Works

United States XSEED Games

Artist(s) Toshiyuki Kubooka
Composer(s) Noriyuki Iwadare
Platform(s) PSP


Release date Japan November 12, 2009

United States March 2, 2010

Rating(s) ESRB: T

Lunar: Silver Star Harmony (released as Lunar: Harmony of Silver Star in Japan) on the PSP (Playstation Portable) & PS4 is an enhanced remake of the game Lunar: The Silver Star, which was originally released for Sega CD. The game has been produced by GungHo Works and developed by GameArts; XSEED Games has published the North American release. A limited edition of the game was also released which included a soundtrack CD and a set of 13 bromides featuring the female characters of the game.



While everything is calm on the surface, the world of Lunar is slowly devolving into chaos. The legendary Dragonmaster Dyne and his faithful companions have faded into obscurity only to have a shadowy figure known as the Magic Emperor begin to wreak havoc on the world created by the Goddess Althena. Meanwhile, in a small, humble village far removed from the turmoil in Lunar, lives a young man named Alex. As one who idolizes the legendary Dyne, Alex dreams of one day becoming the next Dragonmaster and matching the accomplishments of his life-long hero. Egged on by his childhood friend Ramus and with his adopted sister Luna in tow, Alex heads off on what seems to be a meaningless adventure, unaware that it would be the first step in an epic journey with the fate of the entire world at stake.


  • Features new story events.
  • Turn-based and incorporates position and movement on the field.
  • The graphics are redone and the sound and cut-scenes are remastered.
  • Same voice actors were credited but it is not yet confirmed if they'll reuse the same clips.
  • Released in North America on March 2, 2010 and is available on UMD and digital download
  • To commemorate the rebirth of one of "the most beloved RPG's of all time", Lunar: Silver Star Harmony (NA) was made available in a special Limited Edition version containing a soundtrack CD and a set of 13 "bromide" collector cards highlighting the girls of Lunar, included with the game.

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