ルナ幼年期のおわり (romanized: Lunar: Younenki no Owari) is a Lunar comic published by Kadokawa Comics Dragon Jr. and was drawn by Akari funato and was based on work by Kei Shigema. This manga takes place three years after the main events of Eternal Blue. It follows a young girl named Alice who is being chased by Ghaleon and Xenobia (for reasons unknown) as she gets caught up in a dangerous adventure with Hiro, Ruby. Ronfar, Jean, and Lemina join later in the series. It is unclear is the story is canon to Eternal Blue, as Ruby is with Hiro and not Nall.

Complete SeriesEdit

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Year: 1995
Length: 1 Volume (7 Chapters)
Categories: Action Adventure Fantasy Shounen
Author: Akari Funato
Artist: Akari Funato
Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
Serialized in: Dragon Jr. (Kadokawa Shoten)
Scanlator: Deja Vu

Chapter One - Wings Of SummerEdit

Chapter Two - The Woman's CallEdit

Chapter Three - Veteran HeroesEdit

Chapter Four - The Darkness Woven By The ShadowEdit

Chapter Five - Veteran Heroes IIEdit

Chapter Six - The Sword's DanceEdit

Chapter Seven - Childhood's EndEdit

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