Lunar is the setting of the Lunar series. Lunar is a thriving land that orbits around the Blue Star, a barren wasteland from which the inhabitants of Lunar originated from.


Throughout the history of Lunar, the land has been populated primarily of three races: Humans, Beastmen, and the Vile Tribe. In Lunar: Dragon Song, Beastmen were the dominant race, just barely edging out humans. In Silver Star Story, the number of Beastmen had noticably decreased, and remain minimal in Eternal Blue. The Vile Tribe was always the minority, but by Eternal Blue, they, along with the Frontier, cease to exist. According to a note written by Phacia, the Vile Tribe live alongside the rest of Althena's children. This implies that the majority of Lunar's inhabitants during Eternal Blue are not pure humans, but rather hybrids of Vile Tribesmen and humans, and possibly of Beastmen.