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Character Luna Noa
Hometown Burg
Games Lunar: The Silver Star
Lunar: Silver Star Story
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
Lunar Legend
Lunar: Silver Star Harmony
Lunar: Eternal Blue
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete
Other Media
Age 15
Race Human
NA Voice Actor Rhonda Gibson (TSS)
Rhonda Gibson (SSSC)
Eden Riegel (SSSP)
Rhonda Gibson (EB)
Kathryn Kirk (EBC)
JP Voice Actor Kikuko Inoue
井上 喜久子 (TSSJ)
Kyoko Hikami
氷上 恭子 (SSSS)
Kyoko Hikami
氷上 恭子 (SSSP)
Kikuko Inoue
井上 喜久子 (EBJ)
Masako Ikeda
池田 昌子 (EBS)
Masako Ikeda
池田 昌子 (EBP)

Luna Noa (ルーナ・ノア rūna noa?) is one of the protagonists in the multiple renditions of the Silver Star Story.

Early Life[]

In Lunar: The Silver Star, Luna is a routine incarnation of the Goddess Althena, born into the world in order for Althena to live among them and experience what their lives are like.

In Lunar: Silver Star Story, Luna is the product of Dragonmaster Dyne sacrificing his power in order to allow Althena to be born into a human form permanently so that the divine energy can be spread amongst all humans, thus her leadership would no longer be needed.

In both cases, Luna was adopted by Alex's parents when she was very young, and has been close friends with him ever since. She became renowned for her singing voice, which had magical properties that she would not understand until later in life.


Luna is a very kind, caring girl who acts like a mother to Alex. She's often worried about a dream she keeps having, and she has a lot of questions about herself.

In the original version of the game, Luna is depicted as slightly tsundere, very prone to petty jealousy whenever she sees another girl near Alex. At times this can be even exaggerated to comical proportions, such as her overreaction to meeting Mia, a future asset to Alex's attempts to save her.

Events of the Silver Star Story[]

In The Silver Star, Luna briefly joins Alex's party as a healer but leaves when Alex and Ramus depart for Meribia. She is later kidnapped by Xenobia.

In Lunar: Silver Star Story, she stays in Alex's party even after they go to Meribia, until she is kidnapped.

After Ghaleon kidnaps her, Jessica takes her place as the party's healer.

Events of Eternal Blue[]

Luna in Eternal Blue

In Lunar: Eternal Blue, Luna appears to give a message to Lucia in the Goddess Tower, and explains that the Goddess Althena no longer exists in Lunar. She encourages Lucia to believe in the power of the human spirit, which she has seen firsthand, in order to stop Zophar. Notably, she tells her that she chose to remain human, reaffirming the original version of events depicted in The Silver Star.


Silver Star Story Complete[]

Healing Song Restores HP to one Ally
Element:Skill MP Cost:4 Area of Effect:1 Ally Level Learned:1
Purity Song Eliminates Status Ailments
Element:Skill MP Cost:4 Area of Effect:1 Ally Level Learned:4
Temptation Song Lulls Enemies to Sleep
Element:Skill MP Cost:8 Area of Effect:All Enemies Level Learned:7
Cascade Song Stat Booster
Element:Skill MP Cost:10 Area of Effect:1 Ally Level Learned:9
Tranquil Song Restores HP to Everyone
Element:Skill MP Cost:10 Area of Effect:All Allies Level Learned:15
Escape Song Forces Monsters to Run
Element:Skill MP Cost:10 Area of Effect:All Enemies Level Learned:12


  • The inspiration for Luna's scarf comes from a person that the artist knew and spoke to often.
  • In the original Silver Star, Luna does not have a last name. Alex's father was named Noa. This was changed in the remakes.




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