Character Kyle
Hometown Unknown
Games Lunar: The Silver Star
Lunar: Silver Star Story
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
Lunar Legend
Lunar: Silver Star Harmony
Other Media
Age 18
Race Human
NA Voice Actor John Haas
Travis Willingham (SSSP)
JP Voice Actor Tomokazu Seki
関 智一

Kyle is the leader of the Nanza Barrier, a small town located between a few key areas in Lunar: The Silver Star. The town he leads is full of bandits, and Kyle is also one among them.




While Kyle enjoys drinking, women, and all the high-ends of life, he knows when to take things seriously -- even if sometimes he needs a good kick to realize it.

Although a bit of a sexist pervert, and with a huge ego, Kyle is known for his kindness amongst the people of the Nanza Barrier. He steals for the welfare of the weak and poor, and doesn't charge women or children for escort through the dangerous outskirts of the Barrier (although, he makes the men pay a large and ridiculous fee.)

He has a soft-spot for Jessica, and is known to get violently drunk whenever she and him have a spat about something. His comrades often murmur to themselves (and Alex) about how he should just admit how he feels about her, but both Jessica and Kyle have too much pride to express their feelings.

In BattleEdit

Like Alex, Kyle specializes in dealing physical damage to enemies, and is able take a large amount of damage as well. He can also equip the best weapons and armor found in the game.

His Power Slash is comparable to Alex's Sword Dance in both effect and power. His Power Sweep can hit any surrounding enemies. His Sonic Riser hits enemies in a line. His Power Up ability is overall the same as Alex's Vigor, an ability that boosts Kyle's attack power.

Silver Star Story CompleteEdit

Power Slash Powerful Sword Slash
Element:Skill MP Cost:6 Area of Effect:1 Enemy Level Learned:N/A
Power Sweep Wide Sword Attack
Element:Skill MP Cost:9 Area of Effect:Enemy Zone Level Learned:N/A
Sonic Riser Shockwave
Element:Skill MP Cost:14 Area of Effect:Single Line of Enemies Level Learned:N/A
Power Up Attack Booster
Element:Skill MP Cost:8 Area of Effect:Kyle Level Learned:N/A


  • Kyle has not changed his bed sheets in the Nanza Barrier in years.
  • Kyle is known to be a womanizer, even with his soft spot for Jessica. Whether he gives up those ways after they settle down remains to be seen.
  • In the ending to the Lunatic Festa CD dramas, it is implied Jessica and Kyle are living together, as she is heard cooking a huge meal for him...which he promptly chokes on during a pigout attempt. 


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