Jian Campbell
Character Jian Campbell
Hometown Port Searis
Games Lunar: Dragon Song
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Age 15
Race Human
NA Voice Actor N/A
JP Voice Actor N/A

Character infoEdit

Jian Campbell is the main character of Lunar: Dragon Song. Born in Port Searis (currently 15 years old), he is a courier for Gad's Express, although he tends to sleep in late, but since he has to deliver packages to other towns and cities, he learned how to fight monsters, one year ago he met Lucia Collins and ever since then, they have been partners. At the end of the game, he confesses that he loves Lucia.


Jian learns Black Magic from completing the Dragon Trials. Such skills can only be unlocked by wearing the ring acquired from the trials. There are four rings that Jian obtains throughout the game in following order: Blazing Ring, Gale Ring, Earth Ring, and Tidal Ring.

Lunar Dragon SongEdit

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Element:Earth MP Cost:10 Area of Effect:All enemies Level Learned:N/A

Name=Wind Cutter


  • Jian is one of two Dragontamer in the history of Lunar.