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Character Jessica Alkirk
Hometown Meribia
Games Lunar: The Silver Star
Lunar: Silver Star Story
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
Lunar Legend
Lunar: Silver Star Harmony
Other Media
Race Half-Beastman
NA Voice Actor Melissa Gulden
Michelle Ruff (SSSP)
JP Voice Actor Haruna Ikezawa
池澤 春菜

Jessica Alkirk (ジェシカ・アルカーク jeshika arukāku?) is the daughter of Meribia's governor, Mel de Alkirk. She is a priestess in training, although she has a tendency to ditch her classes at the shrine.




While she appears very mild and well-behaved around her father, on the inside, Jessica is roaring and ready to start adventuring. She was more-than-willing to join Alex in their first meeting to end the tyranny of the fake Dragonmaster was expelling upon the people of Lann.

Although seemingly very cool and collected, normally having the right mindset to think over situations before acting, she can be quite hot-tempered.

She has much pride, and that often keeps her from expressing her emotions — especially when it comes to Kyle. Jessica also has a tendency to be easily offended, but has the sense to know when it is really necessary to let these feelings fly, or be more concentrated on the party's dilemma.

In Battle[]

Like Luna, Jessica is proficient in using healing magic, and replaces her after her capture. However, Jessica's healing magic is stronger than Luna's, and she is able to deal physical damage as well. During regular battles, she should be in the front with Alex and Kyle to deal physical damage. During boss fights, she is best kept in the back with Nash and Mia to safely use her healing powers.

The spells that Jessica can learn vary in effect; from restoring the party's HP, removing status ailments, escaping dungeons, and causing enemies to run from battle.

Silver Star Story Complete[]

Heal Litany Recover HP
Element:Skill MP Cost:4 Area of Effect:1 ally Level Learned:1
Cleanse Litany Recover condition
Element:Skill MP Cost:4 Area of Effect:1 ally Level Learned:6
Escape Litany Escape from dungeon
Element:Skill MP Cost:20 Area of Effect:All allies Level Learned:12
Calm Litany Recover HP
Element:Skill MP Cost:15 Area of Effect:All allies Level Learned:16
Saint Litany Recover HP each turn
Element:Skill MP Cost:12 Area of Effect:All allies Level Learned:25
Fear Litany Cause enemy to run
Element:Skill MP Cost:6 Area of Effect:1 enemy Level Learned:27
Althena Litany Recover all HP
Element:Skill MP Cost:10 Area of Effect:1 ally Level Learned:31
Miracle Litany Resurrect friend
Element:Skill MP Cost:20 Area of Effect:1 ally Level Learned:35


  • Jessica's father was a Beastman and her mother was a human. This would explain the markings on her face, the pointy ears and her sharp teeth.
  • Jessica sometimes refers to Kyle as the "Octopus".


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