Character Ignatius
Hometown Frontier
Games Lunar: Dragon Song
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Age Unknown
Race Vile Tribes
NA Voice Actor N/A
JP Voice Actor N/A

Character info Edit

Ignatius is the main antagonist of Lunar: Dragon Song. He is the leader of the Vile Tribe and the first known Dragon Master, but he does not serve Althena as intended.

Plot Edit

Using his powerful Black Magic he attacks the Beastmen in the Cathedral of Althena and captures the goddess while in human form. Using the Chamber of Rebirth, he hopes to reawaken Lucia Collins as the goddess Althena. The party first encounter him in Vile Castle where he soundly disposes of them. As he is about to kill them Lucia appears an orders him not to harm them any further. He is not seen again until the end of the game. After awakening the goddess he attacks Jian Cambell with his Black Magic. As he is about to finish Jian off the goddess gets in the way of the attack. Furious that the goddess was now gone he captured Flora Banks in a ring of Black Magic. However the Cathedral begins to crumble and the floor he is standing on breaks. Ignatius is left grabbing onto a ledge with one hand, and Jian grabs him and attempts to pull him up to safety, but despite his efforts Ignatius falls.

Triva Edit

  • Unlike most primary Antagonist, Ignatius is only fought once in the game and not at the end. He is fought in the middle of the game and cannot be defeated.
  • Ignatius have a similar motive of reawakening the goddess Althena with Lunar: Silver Story's Main Antagonist, Ghaleon.
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