The Grindery, heading from the Frontier to the Goddess Tower.

The Grindery is an enormous, mobile fortress created by Taben to destroy Vane and lift the Goddess Tower using the power of the Four Dragons. The Grindery is also used for imprisoning the songstresses kidnapped by Ghaleon and the Vile Tribe. Despite its destructive power, The Grindery was defeated by the combined efforts of Alex and his friends. Its initial attack withstood Vane's magical barrier, so the city itself was unharmed. However, Vane crashed after using all its power to attack The Grindery to immobolize it. Alex's party was able to sneak into The Grindery and disabled it through the help of Tempest, who defeated its innumerable monsters guarding it.


  • By Lunar 2, the Grindery has rusted over and has become Taben's Peak. Nall runs his orphanage there.
  • Ghaleon kept a sanctuary for the fairies of Lunar on top of it.
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