Character Gideon
Hometown N/A
Games Lunar: Dragon Song
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Age Unknown
Race Unknown
NA Voice Actor N/A
JP Voice Actor N/A

Gideon is Ignatius's most trusted servant. Jian Campbell, Lucia Collins and Gabryel Ryan first encounter Gideon on Sungrid Bridge where he knocks Jian unconscious and kidnaps Lucia. Later when Jian, Gabryel and Rufus attempts to rescue Lucia from Vile Castle they encounter Gideon again. Rufus decides to fight Gideon alone and tells Jian and Gabryel to go on ahead. However, shortly after they reach the throne room, Gideon appears again--this time with Rufus' sword. Ignatius allows Jian to keep the sword as a momentum of Rufus before attacking the party. After soundlessly defeated the party, Lucia appears dressed as Althena and orders Ignatius not to kill them; transports them to the Cathedral of Althena. Later Jian and Gabryel along with Flora Banks try to rescue Lucia from Vile Castle again. They encounter and fight Gideon three more times here, each in a different form before killing the demon for good.

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