Ghaleon's Sword Eternal Blue

Ghaleon's Sword, as seen in Eternal Blue Complete

Basic InfoEdit

Ghaleon's Sword is a sword used by Ghaleon in Lunar: Eternal Blue. In Silver Star Story Complete, Ghaleon uses something like a "Magic Blade" to attack.

In Eternal BlueEdit

The blade was used by Ghaleon for most of the game, until he deems Hiro and his friends strong enough to defeat Zophar, Ghaleon entrusting his sword to Hiro afterwards.

This act of kindness was his way of helping them, having realized the error of his ways during the events of Silver Star Story and also realizing that since he had betrayed Zophar, he would lose the life that the Dark God had given him.

The blade can only be equipped by Hiro, and it proves to be his strongest weapon until Nall gives him Althena's Sword during the Epilogue.