Lunar Wiki
Character False Althena
Hometown Unknown
Games Lunar: Eternal Blue
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete
Other Media Lunar 2: Eternal Blue manga
Age Unknown
Race Human
NA Voice Actor Rhonda Gibson(EB)
Katie Staeck(EBC)
JP Voice Actor Shiho Niiyama
新山 志保

The False Althena is an unnamed female human who is one of the highest ranking servants of Zophar in Lunar: Eternal Blue and Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete. She poses in the guise of the Goddess Althena to relay Zophar's instructions to Althena's Chosen as well as the general population of Lunar, such as the outlawing of dancing, singing, and drinking.

She agreed to Zophar's plot when he promised her youth and beauty for eternity. However, as a leader, she seems to be rather incapable of exercising any true authority (as evidenced by Ghaleon's blatant disdain for her), probably due to the fact that she's sheltered by the walls of Pentagulia and has the Four Heroes to do the fighting for her.

When she was confronted by Hiro and the others near the top of the Fortress of Althena, she pleads for Zophar's assistance. Zophar answers her call by transforming her into a monster in order to fight them, but they defeat her easily. It is speculated by some fans that Zophar had no intention of giving her the power necessary to defeat Hiro and his friends but rather simply gave her enough power to stall them for a little while longer.

Fake althena.jpg

Little is known about who the False Althena was prior to her claiming to be the Goddess, as details such as her original name, hometown, age, etc. have never been revealed. She may have had some degree of magical ability, as she was said to have worked many miracles earlier in her life, which fueled her rise to political power, although whether this was the result of her own innate talent or her using Zophar's power is unknown.