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A Dungeon is a place where you need to pass to reach something, or continue with the game. They are commonly finished with a boss at the end.

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Lunar Silver Star Story Complete[]

  • White Dragon Cave
  • Weird Woods
  • Old Hag's forest
  • Lighthouse (Only in Original version)
  • Meribia Sewer
  • Cave of Trial
  • Nanza Pass 1
  • Nanza Pass 2
  • Lann cave (Original version) / Lann Island (Remake version)
  • Silver Spire
  • Crystal Tower
  • Nanza Pass 3
  • Forest (Meryod)
  • Damon's Spire
  • Fluffy Bug Plains
  • Red Dragon's Cave
  • Lyton's song cave
  • Blue Dragon Shrine
  • Tamur Pass
  • Myght's Tower
  • Lost Woods
  • Black Dragon Sanctuary
  • Talon Mines
  • Ruid
  • Grindery
  • Fortress of Althena

Lunar Eternal Blue[]

Dungeons accessible in main game[]

Dungeons accessible only in Epilogue[]

  • Brave Labyrinth
  • Dragon's Nest
  • Lionhead
  • Lost Labyrinth
  • Dragon Ruins
  • Water Ruins
  • Star Dragon Tower