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The Dragonmaster is one who has passed the Dragon Trials, thus gaining the allegiance of the Four Dragons. The Dragonmaster's sole purpose is to protect and aid the Goddess Althena. Their heroic tales are often the theme of many bard songs.

The list of known Dragonmasters includes:

  • Louie, the first Dragonmaster who accompanied Althena when she travelled from the Blue Star to Lunar;
  • Ignatius, an evil Dragonmaster from the Vile Tribe that wished to manipulate Althena's power before being having his plans ruined by Jian;
  • Jian, a young man who took up the mantle of Dragonmaster in order to save his girlfriend but later abandoned the role once she was safe;
  • Leon, the Mighty Gale, who fought his foes with the blinding force of a hurricane;
  • Gaull, the Iron Hand, who could fell the largest man with a single swing of his granite fists;
  • Alicia and Laticia, twin sisters who proved that two is better than one;
  • Lady Chloe, a beastwoman who sealed away a great darkness in the Silver Spire along with the Premier of the Magic Guild Miruka, and the Priest of Althena Jevron;
  • Nike, who took all Four Dragons' trials at once in a large plaza at the center of Vane;
  • Natto, the Singing Swordsman, who often burst into song while decimating his enemies;
  • Dyne, the hero of the Heresy War;
  • Alex Noa, the last Dragonmaster.