Basic InfoEdit

The Crystal Rememberizer is an item rewarded to the player in both games. It allows them to freely access all the FMVs (full motion videos) and watch them whenever they please.

The method of obtaining the FMVs were changed between games. In The Silver Star and its remakes, FMVs are unlocked as you progress through the storyline, while in Eternal Blue and its remakes, FMVs are unlocked by revisiting locations where they were first played.

In The Silver StarEdit

The Rememberizer can be bought in Ramus' Shop in Meribia for 65,000 Silver, along with Xenobia's, Phacia's, and Royce's Bromides. It is highly recommended that you have enough silver to purchase everything at once, because once you exit from the shop menu, it cannot be accessed again. It can also be obtained from Ramus as a gift immediately after becoming the Dragonmaster.

In Eternal BlueEdit

The Rememberizer can be rewarded to the player during the Epilogue in Nota, after Hiro successfully convinces a groom to marry his bride-to-be.

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