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Basic Info[]

Bromides are pieces of artwork the player can find in the world of Lunar. They get their name from a category of commercial photography -- celebrity portraits -- that were popular collectibles in Japan. Bromide items appear in several games in the Lunar series and they have varying functionality. Depending on the title, they give access to high resolution character artwork, or characters can equip them to boost their stats.

In The Silver Star and its remakes, bromides usually depict the female characters in the game, while in Eternal Blue, bromides of male characters are also included.

In Lunar 1[]

Lunar: The Silver Star includes Mia's Bromide as an item that can be purchased in the Vane item shop. Nash can equip it, but it does not give any stat bonuses, and unlike later games it does not offer access to a larger image.

A bromide of Luna.

Lunar: Silver Star Story expands on the bromide concept, featuring many bromides of the heroines and villainesses of the game. Their quantity and placement varies depending on the version of the game - the original Sega Saturn release has 10, and all subsequent versions of the game, including Silver Star Harmony, have 13. In Silver Star Story Complete, Working Designs created unique triggers for roughly half of the bromides, which do not match up with any other version.

Bromides of the heroines include Luna, Mia, and Jessica, while bromides of the villainesses include Phacia, Xenobia, and Royce.

In Eternal Blue[]

Lunar: Eternal Blue on Sega CD does not contain any bromides, but Lunar 2: Eternal Blue adopts the trend after the remake of Lunar 1. L2:EB's bromides are strictly collectible and cannot be equipped by playable characters. They can be found in treasure chests or by talking to people you meet throughout the game -- for example, an artist in Larpa, will see Lucia (the main heroine) walking around town and give the player the bromide as they are searching for Lucia.

The triggers for finding bromides are the same in all versions of the game, but the total number of bromides varies depending on the release. The original Saturn release has 16 bromides, the Japanese PlayStation version has 22, and the English PlayStation version adds one for a total of 23.

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