Borgan Gravity Bomb
Character Borgan
Hometown Vane
Games Lunar: Eternal Blue
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete
Other Media Lunar 2: Eternal Blue manga
Age Unknown
Race Human
NA Voice Actor Dean Willams
JP Voice Actor Daisuke Gouri
郷里 大輔

Borgan (ボーガン bōgan?) is an ugly and extremely overweight wizard who is one of the Four Heroes and one of the antagonists in Lunar: Eternal Blue and Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete.

Early LifeEdit

Like many others who seek magical knowledge, Borgan was a student at the Magic Guild of Vane. In spite of considerable effort, his magical abilities were fairly weak. Growing frustrated with his lack of progress in his studies, he became disenfranchised with the Guild and left.

At some point later in his life he came into contact with the False Althena who offered him the power of the Black Dragon if he swore loyalty to her. Seeing this as an opportunity to get back at the Magic Guild, which he had come to resent and an opportunity to prove that he really was a capable wizard, he accepted the offer.

Lunar 2: Eternal Blue CompleteEdit

Arguing that the original Vane is decrepit and unsalvageable, he wished to build a new city, Neo-Vane, meant to mirror the original in its pre-Ghaleon glory. He enslaved the people of Zaback in order to accomplish this goal, allowing the magically talented to live in Neo-Vane with him as their leader and the magically mundane to spend their lives in the mines. Borgan's discrimination against those without magical talent tore families apart and made many regret that they ever submitted to him in the first place.

Borgan also used the Black Dragon's power to lift Neo-Vane off the ground, enigmatically proclaming that it had replaced the original Vane in every way, including its ability to fly.

Borgan's first actual apperance in Eternal Blue came when Hiro and his friends arrive in Vane. Borgan announced to the party that he was romantically interested in Lemina's mother Miria and then proceeded to abduct her, taking her to Neo-Vane so that she may life with him.

When Hiro and his friends arrive in Neo-Vane later in the game, they confront and defeat Borgan, taking the Black Dragon Aura from him by force. Borgan begs Lemina to finish him off, but she spares him so he can help rebuild Vane to its former glory and makes him realize the error of his ways.


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