Althena's Sword as seen in Silver Star Story Complete

Althena's Sword Eternal Blue

Althena's Sword as seen in Eternal Blue Complete

Basic InfoEdit

Althena's Sword is a legendary item said to contain the essence of the Goddess Althena herself. Whether this means that Althena actually used the sword as a weapon is unknown.

Traditionally, the sword is wielded by the Dragonmaster, although the sword ceased to be used after the events of Lunar: Silver Star Story. After the events thereof, Alex Noah entrusted the blade to Nall, who was never able to find another person worthy of wielding the blade, until after the events of Lunar: Eternal Blue, entrusting the blade to Hiro.

In The Silver StarEdit

In Lunar: Silver Star Story, the blade remained stuck inside Dyne's monument for most of the game, Alex attempting to pull the sword out a few times before his journey began. Before his climactic battle with Ghaleon, Alex once again tried to pull the sword from its resting place, and was successful.

It proves to be Alex's strongest weapon in the game, providing Alex with a great boost to his Attack stat, and automatically restoring Alex's HP in battle after every round.

In Eternal BlueEdit

In Lunar: Eternal Blue, after Zophar's defeat, Nall deems Hiro worthy of the blade and passes it along to him. It proves to be Hiro's strongest weapon in the game, surpassing Ghaleon's Sword.

In Eternal Blue Complete, its usefulness can be raised even further by equipping the Goddess Crest while wielding Althena's Sword, allowing Hiro to recover some HP in battle after every round, just as Alex could in Lunar: Silver Star Story.

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